Seamless Networking

Helm helps you break free from big tech. Easily migrate your existing data to your Helm Personal Server. Finally, it's time to take back ownership of your data.


Enjoy seamless networking. Your Helm Personal Server connects with your existing home network, and network configuration isn't required for email services.


We don't store your data. The only data we have about our customers is what's necessary to deliver your Helm, route traffic to it, and ensure it stays operating smoothly.


Helm runs a Linux-based operating system built using Yocto; additionally, it leverages projects like Docker, Postfix, Dovecot, Let's Encrypt, Nextcloud and more, all bundled into easy-to-use services.

Secure from the core.

Secure Operating System.

Fast and easy setup.

Innovative Hardware.

Simplicity, Security, Privacy.

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